Waterproofing Products

The ultimate in basement waterproofing solutions

Water Trek Aqua Route imageYour “Peace of mind” Water Trek Aqua Route® system will be designed, engineered by a Basement Technologies of the Alleghenies Technician. Basement Technologies has and continues to install our patented Water Trek Aqua Route® basement waterproofing system in thousands of homes throughout North America.

Protect your foundation and drain water out of it.

Cove Base imageBasement Technologies Cove Base® is an integral part of the Water Trek Aqua Route® two-piece basement waterproofing system. The various Cove Base® designs can hug a wall and channel water from the wall to the sub-floor Water Trek Aqua Route® system. It can create a virtual airtight fit on most if not all foundations thus eliminating potential radon gas, sub-floor smells or insects from entering the living space. At the same time it enables water from above (on the wall) to drain into the Water Trek Aqua Route® system under the floor.

The end to your basement leak problems.

Baseboard Aqua Route imageThe Baseboard Aqua Route® System was developed by Basement Technologies to address specialty floors with very thick, fiber reinforced, rebar or monolithically poured flours. The Baseboard Aqua Route® System is the perfect solution to a water problem in those specific floor configurations, as long as there are no leaking floor cracks or holes in the middle of the floor.

This system comes with a lifetime structure warranty ... and quite simply ... it works. A baseboard design has been in use for over 30 years. Basement Technologies has been using this system for over 20 years and the unique mold and design was made exclusively for us.

A revolutionary basement waterproofing solution!

Water Grabber imageThe most effective waterproofing systems are installed on the inside of the home. When the interior drainage systems are installed, they need a central ejection device-a way to get the water to the outside of the home. Our patent pending Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ is the heart and lungs of our Water Trek Aqua Route® perimeter system. The Water Grabber Bull Dog consists of a patent pending drilled polyethylene basin with a split lid. We use 3/4" gravel to surround the basin to help filter the water.

We install our alarm, The Grabber Pal II, in the basin to alert you if the pump has a mechanical problem or was unplugged accidentally, which can cause a flood. This alarm is float activated and far superior to sensor type alarms which other companies carry. We use a special rubber fitting called "The Silencer" over or under the lid dependent on a side discharge or top discharge to hush the already quiet pump

Keep things from getting into or escaping from your sump pump.

Water Grabber Ranger Drain imageTo solve an unforeseen plumbing problem we are now installing a specialty drain in front of each of our Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ installations. The drain will be countersunk into the concrete in front of the Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ sump pump. This special Ranger Drain will not let gas or bugs into the living space and, at the same time, protects your basement from potential pipe bursts.

Resolve your leaky basement problems forever.

Techni-Crack Hydrophobic Membrane imageInventing a better method to seal cracks in poured foundation walls, that would not require repair work every few years, was important to Basement Technologies R&D Division. The resulting process and product simply works better. The primary "seal" during the process works alone, yet with the addition of the Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane, homeowners can be assured they have a worry free solution solution in place. For real problem cracks, as an added "peace of mind", Basement Technologies can do a polyurethane injection into the crack prior to installation of the Techni-Crack™ Hydrophobic Membrane.

Basement Technologies proudly introduces The Fieldstone Wall Conduit™... Innovative Solutions for Your Fieldstone Walls

Fielstone Wall Conduit imageIt makes little economic sense to tear down the home and redo the foundation and floor. Fieldstone walls have joints and cracks where the mortar (concrete) was installed to join the stones. Water, air, rodents and insects can get through these cracks. Basement Technologies’ Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ solves the problem permanently and cost effectively. Our solution seals all the problems out and effectively creates a new living space, free of insects, dirt, rodents and water. The Fieldstone Wall Conduit™ is best used in conjunction with a full perimeter basement waterproofing system such as the Water Trek Aqua Route®.

Say goodbye to your wet crawl space problems.

Crawl Space Solutions imageThe Environmental Protection Agency taught radon professions to install a barrier on the floor and up the walls of dirt crawl spaces to “encapsulate” the dirt area. Basement Technologies has done radon mitigation for years and strongly agrees with the EPA and utilizes this method of crawl space encapsulation as a cure for water, dirt and insects as well as stopping Radon Gas. The method virtually seals the crawl space from the outside.

Home airflow mechanics, called the “whole house effect”, is the natural airflow, which travels towards the roof, creating a suction type effect on the crawl space dirt. This process will cause dampness and humidity. It also provides rodents and insects an easy path into the upper living portion of the home. The Crawl Space Conduit™ will reduce humidity and possible mold growth throughout the home. It can also help dry up wood and floor structural framing. Basement Technologies has designed a solution to the dirt crawl space problem. The Crawl Space Conduit™ will reduce heating and cooling costs. Our Crawl Space Conduit™ is a concrete floor replacement when concrete is unrealistic in a post construction setting. Basement Technologies offers two (2) types of crawl space coverings. Please ask Basement Technologies of the Alleghenies for samples to see which one you prefer, Crawl Space Conduit I™ or Crawl Space Conduit II™.

Divert water with ease!

Floor Grate imageBasement Technologies' patent pending Floor Grate is installed on the inside of the bulkhead and garage doors. Designed to catch and divert water from the exterior of the bulkhead or driveway and route it to the interior sub-floor system. The design insures water will not get on the floor inside the basement or garage. The Floor Grate™ is installed with our patented Water Trek Aqua Route® and our patent pending Water Grabber ®Bull Dog™ sump pump system.

Eliminate Potential Basement Flooding Nightmares

Tank Pro inageThe exclusive design of our patented Tank Pro allows it to be installed around hot water tanks, washing machines, well water tanks or any other water holding device in the basement. So if a disaster happens with a hot water tank, the water will be contained and brought to your sub floor system on the perimeter wall and not flood your basement. Any device which holds water is able to "let go". When this happens, the Tank Pro is able to contain the water and drain it into your Water Trek Aqua Route system. This can save you potentially thousands of dollars in water damage repairs.

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