Exterior Waterproofing Products

Flooded lawns from pump discharge and downspout?...

Lawn Magnum imageUntil now, when flooding occurred on a lawn, waterproofing companies have only been able to reroute the water to another area of the lawn, which in turn, will flood. The Lawn Magnum™ will dispense this water in to the sub soil and keeps it under the ground and off of the lawn.

The revolutionary patented Lawn Magnum™ delivers a real solution to most, if not all, flooded lawns. While other waterproofing companies and landscapers can only reroute the large volume of water to another surface area of the yard, Basement Technologies, with The Lawn Magnum™, can disperse large volumes of water into the subsoil under the lawn and keep most of it underground and off your lawn.

The ultimate in wet basement solutions

Bubbler Pot imageOur unique Bubbler Pot™ with a drywell of stone underneath the Bubbler Pot™ is used to discharge the water from the Water Grabber® Bull Dog™ and the patented Water Trek Aqua Route® system - away from the home. Installed in the yard and flush with the grass on the lawn so you can mow right over it. It is colored green to match your lawn. An excellent solution to a tough problem and predicament. 

Eliminate water from entering the basement.

Curtain Drain imageOur patent pending solution to flooding surface water by the home. It is common for homes, at the base of hills or inclines, to have water pooling a the base of the house's foundation. These pools occur during heavy rain falls when eater has no where to go. It then penetrates into the basement by seeping under the siding and plywood and over the foundation. Basement Technologies' patent pending product, the Curtain Drain™ is designed to eliminate water from entering the basement due to exterior pooling. The Curtain Drain™ will take the threatening water which collected on the surface and route it to the side of the home away from the flooded area. Due to the extreme unpredictability of exterior environments. we cannot warranty exterior system.

You decide where your water goes.

The Alternator imageThe Alternator™ is another reason why Basement Technologies dominates the basement waterproofing industry. We designed this product with the homeowner's needs in mind … because our only business is your "dry basement".

Often the best laid plans go awry! The pump is able to pump 3,000 gallons of water an hour and mixing this flow with spring melting snow could cause a potential flood. The patented Alternator™ allows you to re-route the discharge point to a more appropriate area if necessary. Our patented Freeze Stop™ guarantees the pump will discharge in freezing conditions and usually this will be enough. However, our patented Alternator™ gives you the emergency option to direct the water to a different spot in the yard.

Keep your gutters clear and free from debris.

Gutter TamerEven with a basement waterproofing system installed, excess overflow water entering the basement will cause the system to overwork itself. Basement Technologies has always recommended that water from the roof be diverted away from the foundation. Downspout extensions are commonly used in conjunction with many of our cost effective basement waterproofing solutions.

The Gutter Tamer™ is specifically designed and engineered to prevent pine needles, leaves and other debris from getting caught in your gutters. The patent pending cross design of the slats allow the pine needles and leaves to slide over your gutter clear and free from debris.

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