Dehumidification Products

Reduce humidity and create a healthy home.

Bonair Humidex Dehumidifier imageCool moist air gravitates downward, and condensation is worst at he lowest point in your home i.e. your basement crawl space or slab floor.  Bonair Humidex draws moist stale contaminated air to vents via a quiet and powerful fan.  This unique revolutionary unit addresses air quality problems where they are created and exists.

The moist air is then vented to the outside of your home through a duct while being replaced with a flow of drier, fresh air drawn downward from the upper levels of your home.

Bonair Humidex is controlled by an adjustable humidistat that regulates the airflow.  When the desired level of humidity is achieved, the fan speed will automatically reduce.  It will resume a higher speed as the humidity level increases.  The direct effect is a complete home air exchange occurring anywhere from 6-10 times a day.

:  Mold spores can cause serious health problems.  The moisture evacuation and air circulation provided by the Bonair Humidex Unit reduces the environmental conditions for basement mold to prosper.

MUSTY ODORS AND MILDEW:  Musty odors and mildew can make any space unusable.  Humidex helps create additional living space without the expense of building on to your home.

CHEMICAL POLLUTANTS:  Building materials, home furnishings and wood finishes release formaldehyde and other volatile organic compounds.  Released household chemicals are absorbed in moist air and stagnant in your home.  The Bonair Humidex Ventilation Unit helps remove harmful chemical pollutants from your home.

BIOLOGICAL CONTAMINANTS:  Residues from living organisms such as pollen, fungi, dust mites, and animal waste cause infectious diseases, allergic reactions, respiratory ailments and other health problems.  Bonair Humidex greatly reduces your family’s exposure to these contaminants.

:  Carbon monoxide, radon gas and natural gas from your appliances can enter your home and accumulate virtually undetected.  Gases accumulated in the basement are expelled when Bonair Humidex is running.

STRUCTURAL DAMAGE:  Humidity and moisture in general cause serious expensive problems in the home, such as rotting wood, rust and peeling paint.  The Bonair Humidex basement dehumidifier greatly reduces humidity and its costly, damaging effects on your home.

Dry your basement like a pro.

Air Mop 2 imageThe Basement Technologies Air Mop® 2 Heavy Duty Industrial/Marine Basement Dehumidifier, is a no-nonsense, portable basement dehumidifier at home in hostile industrial, marine or subterranean environments. It is ideal for eliminating damp musty air from your basement. It is also ideal for finished or unfinished areas, insuring a dry basement environment. You can rely on this durable unit to perform faithfully without complicated maintenance or costly downtime.

Evacuate the Dampness Before It Gets Into Your Home.

Humid-Evac imageHomes have been described as having six (6) sides: four (4) walls; a roof; and a basement floor. Our revolutionary new product … Humid-Evac™… deals with humidity and condensation issues by drying under the slab before the moisture enters the basement. Independent research shows that 80% of moisture in the basement originates from under the slab. Radon professionals have been using similar systems to solve basement radon problems. Our system is not a radon system. “Basements are similar to a cave”. Basements are below ground level and are conducive to a damp, wet environment. Independent studies show that up to 80% of moisture in a basement originates from under the floor, and if the source of the dampness is addressed, 80% of the problem is eliminated.

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